My youngest sister turned 30 a few days ago. Hard to believe we have lived 30 years together. Thirty years watching her grow from a wee little baby with lots of dark hair, to the little toddler that would rub your ear lobe while you held her, to the “little house on the prairie” girl who would run around with her brothers in a calico dress and barn boots, to our mandolin player in the band, to my running buddy, to a beautiful woman. How does time do that anyway? Wow…but its a new decade for her. Feels like a fresh start somehow to start back at “0”. πŸ™‚

We celebrated a day early because she was going to be gone all day on her birthday playing in a volleyball tournament. It was rather sudden…and…people had plans, thankfully I didn’t (well, I didn’t after I got new tires on my car). About noon I was making tabouli and thinking about how to make the dinner special. We already had friends and family coming…but what else? Mom had suggested we eat outside in the new pergola, so when I was finished making the salad, I went outside and assessed while I did some raking. Got it. About 2:00 I was headed to Guthrie to get my supplies.

Now, for those of you who might not know me so well, I am notoriously awful about making decisions….like slower than a baby learning to crawl…or walk…or talk…okay, you get the picture. I also rarely head up things in the kitchen, let alone plan a party on my own; if you are doing it, I’ll be your right hand man, but me…I’m a behind the scenes all the way kinda gal. So, all that to say, I would have hardly been recognized as I whizzed through Wal-Mart. I didn’t even have a color scheme. I went to the ribbon department, scanning all the pretty rolls of various and vibrant color. In my head they were decisively checked off, “too babyish, too weddingish, too pastel…” I scanned quickly. The perfect jumped off the shelf and I was off to the paper plates…orange compliments the aqua and I’m out of there.

Next stop, flower shop. Here I had a little idea in mind…big. wildflowerish. colorful.Β I quickly walked around the case, not seeing anything. I was asked what I was looking for and I told them. Not roses…just something big and beautiful and celebratory. “Carnations?” Absolutely not.Β  They were working with these gorgeous orange Gerber daisies. Any of those left by any chance? One. Hmm…. and then she said, we do have some orange roses because we weren’t sure if we were doing roses or daisies. That was it! I took a sweeping glance through the case again and added some yellow daisies and she gave me three dahlia stems…and I was gone again.

Back at the house, out came the mason jars, the scissors, and a vase. I was on a mission…and lo and behold…an evening for Anna appeared.

It was grace, warm and beautiful covering me all day. I enjoyed doing what I was doing…and it still didn’t feel like me doing it. As I discussed this with one of my friends that night, she said, “Sounds like an out of body experience.” Exactly. “Maybe it was your outfit.” Yeah…first time I wore it, so maybe so. “You had your mojo on!” I smiled…THAT was it! I had a Mojo bar for lunch.

Anyway, happy birthday Anna! Love you bunches!!!

PS…this post is for Sage, because she wasn’t here to celebrate with us and she asked for this… πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “anna

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Tera! I love it! I love that glimpse of the behind the scenes. Knowing you…wow….knowing you….this is amazing. Even if I didn’t, it’s amazing. But wow! LOVE the ribbon and the colors and the flowers and the whole thing. SOOOO wish I could have been there. It all looks perfect!

  2. Tera! Thank you so much. The party was perfect. You did a fabulous job! I loved the colors and I’m still loving the flowers. I love you. Thank you so very much for everything!

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