Ice Shrouded…

I know that ice can be dangerous…but sometimes you have to see the beauty in every little thing encapsulated in ice. Enjoy…

IMG_9764 (Copy) IMG_9765 (Copy) IMG_9766 (Copy) IMG_9767 (Copy) IMG_9769 (Copy) IMG_9772 (Copy) IMG_9773 (Copy) IMG_9774 (Copy) IMG_9776 (Copy) IMG_9779 (Copy) IMG_9780 (Copy) IMG_9784 (Copy) IMG_9786 (Copy) IMG_9788 (Copy) IMG_9790 (Copy) IMG_9795 (Copy) IMG_9796 (Copy) IMG_9797 (Copy) IMG_9801 (Copy) IMG_9802 (Copy) IMG_9806 (Copy) IMG_9807 (Copy) IMG_9809 (Copy) IMG_9819 (Copy) IMG_9820 (Copy) IMG_9821 (Copy) IMG_9822 (Copy) IMG_9823 (Copy) IMG_9833 (Copy)


16 thoughts on “Ice Shrouded…

  1. So incredible!!! So glad you got out in it. Should have included your Eskimo picture! What’s the third one down? Hard to pick a favorite…but I love seeing the dormers with their trimmings!

  2. I love these photos. My favorites are the one with the little berries shrouded in ice, especially the pink ones. So glad you captured the moments, which are so fleeting, and melt as soon as the sun comes out.

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