What if…

…my heart was filled with His Spirit~ filled with love and grace and mercy and compassion and wisdom and understanding and serving others?

…I never grew weary of pouring out, of serving, of giving myself?

…all the bleak darkness, bitterness, anger, resentment, and every kind of sin was blotted out of my life and forgiven?

…my life was a reflection of the very best?

…I always had an answer for hope?

…I was so on fire for Christ and full of passion, drossy thoughts (yes, I made up that word) were just burned away?

…I was free from all bondage?

I believed all Scripture with all my heart and therefore, never worried, feared, fretted, or was anxious?

..I believed all of these “what if’s” were true?

Guess what? They are. I belong to Christ and all of this is possible in Him. In Him I have freedom, answers, hope, holiness, joy, forgiveness….

now why don’t I always just rest in Him and believe?


9 thoughts on “What if…

  1. ❤ It's one of those things we re-learn and remind ourselves to do almost daily, isn't it!? Thanks sis, for reminding me

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