I see my grandmother most every day. I have watched her dementia come and go. Sometimes it moves daily, sometimes by the minute. It’s really rather fascinating what she remembers, what she doesn’t.

I stayed the night at her house last week. As I entered her home, she was waiting for me, welcoming lamplight glowing from my room. She wanted to show me where things were…here are the towels, there is the shower, etc. It didn’t matter to her that I was in her house daily, or that I helped set things the way they are; she automatically went into hostess mode and treated me as a guest. There are several things that she just does automatically, whether her dementia is strong or weak at that moment. It made me think…

What habits are we developing on a daily basis? If we make a “habit” of walking in the Spirit, will it become more automatic? If we make love our first response, unselfishness our first decision, humbleness our first attitude, Christ our first love, gentleness our first word…will it stick? When our flesh is weak and playing with our mind, will our “habit” still be to walk in peace and joy? When under pressure, when being pressed, what is it that flows from our hearts?



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