Remember who you are…

In this day full of

pressures and expectations.

pushed “normality”.

overachieving perfectionism.

Whether it is of your own doing or someone around you or just society as a whole….

Remember who you are.

Remember that you are





You are a treasure that the most powerful, one and only God loved so much, so very, very much, that not only did He create you in His image, He died for you, that you might live.

So in this time when pressures come from all sides, whether it is how you look, what you do, where you go, how much money you have, what your marital status is, or whatever it is that makes you feel…





                                                      like a failure,


                                                                                       spiritually bankrupt….

that feeling that makes you wonder why in the world you are on this earth…


remember who you are.

Or should I say…”whose” you are.


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